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General Best Practices of a Digital Marketing

Know about audience! Here we are talking about market researchers and marketers: understanding an audience is their jobs and they will see right through a generic message that is posted all over the internet. So keep these practices in mind: Segment your audience: Whether it’s email, display ads, or social media, most advertising channels allow for some sort of audience segmentation. For example, segment by job title and industry. By doing this you’ll be able to send the right content to the right people at the right time. Always tailor
How to Make Attractive Content to Drive User Attention

Business owners always have very high expectations from the latest technologies and a recent survey of about 300 marketers have stated that at least two thirds of them believe that technology can make content marketing significantly more efficient in a life cycle. This is true, but you will only get outstanding results when the most appropriate technology is used in bringing this increased efficiency. Some marketers spend a lot of their time tracking their content inventory and performance metrics in spreadsheets. This involves a lot of work and the reviews are typically not sufficient enough to know what is working and what is not. You could be losing valuable business insight in addressing your customer’s actual needs. The use of a technology tool that can help to audit your content assets will help in completing the work automatically in real time as well as allowing you to stay on top of new trends, shift in buyers’ needs and a…
The 10 Rules You Must Follow to Create an Effective Landing Page Your landing pages should include an opt-in form for the lead generation. To develop your landing pages, you need to understand how to create designs and content that make people want your lead magnet enough to submit your opt-in form to get it. To ensure the landing pages you create deliver the best results, follow the 10 rules of landing page design:
1. Stay laser-focused on a single, specific goal. Your landing page should have one specific goal: some type of action that you want visitors to take. For lead generation, this desired action is submitting the opt-in form on the page. Before you create your landing page, ask yourself what you want visitors who land on your page to do. That action should be the only thing you talk about on your page and the only thing visitors can do on your page.
2. Prioritize your messages with the most important information above the fold. Don’t make people scroll to learn what you’re offer…