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4 Ways Digital Marketing Is Influencing User Choice & Client Purchase

The 21st century has observed the greatest revolution: The Internet. As the world changes progressively, so does the market. So how do MNCs, startups and other companies readjust their marketing strategy for their own benefit?
Civilized societies have always been driven by curiosity and improvement. We catapulted our own growth and have been pushed far beyond the ordinary. Although each invention or discovery has a very important contribution, none has been so globally inclusive like the Internet. The interconnected web has exceled its importance and now controls our life, our thoughts and our opinions. When the internet was first perceived, it was primarily used for communication. The electronic mail took telephones and fax machines head on, beating them in terms of efficiency, cost-effectiveness and reduced time consumption. Soon the world realized that this technology can be scaled and used in businesses, marketing & advertising among other ventures. The circle of demands and supply did the rest. 
Facebook Walls Are the New Billboards! Gone are the days of spending a significant amount of cash on creating the perfect ad and product pitch. With the advent of digital and social media marketing, you can increase your sales value easily. 
Analytics and The Market: Numbers Don’t Lie
The purest language is mathematics. If you speak it correctly it never lies. Analytics is the key to understanding and intellectualizing business practices. Understanding what customers browse (order or view), site hits and customer density helps companies decide the target audience base and marketing strategies which revolve around time, geographical location, price range etc. These data points are important in targeting acquisitions and helping companies to understand the best time or site to target their digital marketing efforts on.
Social Media - The Great Equalizer
Social media has undoubtedly played a vast factor in digital marketing. The companies realized that products only sell when people talk and take interest about them. Facebook not only changed the social communication scene but also ushered in the next generation of marketing ploys. Companies now connect to their customer base through social media platforms using it as both a catalogue and a medium to interact better. Organizations pickup on viral trends and use it to attract customers to buy more. Creative content is the go to when it comes to communicating with the target audience, mostly youngsters who spend the  maximum time on the social media. 
Big Data Helps Understand the Audience Better
Most companies, irrespective of their size, startups or established, agree that knowing the customer is the key to selling more products. But how exactly do they accomplish it? The answer is Big Data. Companies evaluate customer behavior & needs like trends of shopping by studying the data. This in turn fuels the marketing strategy. Users are constantly connected to the digital world through their phones and mobile devices. The data consumed each second is recorded and analyzed to better target the audience. Big data is one of the newest tools that the companies use these days to maximize their understanding of the customer base. Companies use this data to suggest user relevant products and effectively influence their choices. 
SEO: Better Rankings, More Traffic & Greater Sales
 With the help of Google and other search engines, customers rely on their own research to obtain well-informed decisions about products. SEO Analytics has emerged from a nobody to one of the most market-effective tools to determine search optimization. It is more important to understand what the user searches and relay back information based on what they search. Companies do not rely just on keyword stuffing and link spamming anymore. They trust on the strictly observed data of customer searches and modifications. SEO will be here for years to come and will always be dynamic, as the customer usage is dynamic. As digital marketing progresses so does our understanding of better SEO techniques and tools.


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