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Understanding the science behind Social Media Market Socializing has been a point of importance for homo sapiens, ever since the beginning of civilization. From Voltaire’s Republic of Letters to Middle Ages’ Floridian, social media has always played a pivotal role in maintaining huge administrations. However, since 1979, when the first modern social media platform set its foot on the market, the whole face of socializing changed now. For the first time in history, individuals have a platform where they can share their feelings, ideas or messages to any set of audience or individuals almost instantly.

Modern Perceptions Of Social Media

According to recent perceptions where social media is considered to be one that is internet based, social media is a computer-mediated and internet-based technology which facilitates creation and sharing of ideas, information, and different forms of expression. It is a very subjective term, and social media must adhere to the following criterion: 

They are interactive and based on web 2.0 based applications.

 Lifeblood of social media is the user-generated content (e.g., text posts,                 comments,  digital videos or photos, and links)

There are individual profiles for each user, which are designed and maintained by the social media organization

 It provides options to facilitate the development of the connection between two individuals or groups.
Differences Between Social Media and Social Network
People assume social media and social networks to be synonymous, but that is not true. From the above listed four factors, the social network has a goal of achieving only the last one. In this way, the social network is a subset of social media. The real essence of social media lies in making communication and media into an interactive user experience whereas social network only has the goal of connecting a different set of people.
How Has Internet Social Media Changed Our Lives?
Precursors of online social media have their roots as far back as 1979 when Usenet systems provided liberty to the users to post articles and posts. It was followed by BBSs (Bulletin Board Systems), which was mainly in the news for illicit and illegal practices. Then, after the onset of IRC, ICQ and Instant Messaging facilities, social networking site, Six Degrees hit the market which set a ripple in technological fields. This was followed by websites like Black Planet, MySpace and, the big jackpot, Facebook. In 2019, there will likely be an estimated total of 2.77 billion social media users around the globe. With a huge number of users connecting daily on social media, it has impacted, rather drastically changed, the world in many ways. There are many criticizers and many supporters of social media, so, to set aside the confusion whether it is good or bad, we arrive with a catalogue of points of different impacts of social media.


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