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Digital Marketing Trendsetters- 2018

Transformation is certain, and things change with each passing day. However, we may not notice them in our day to day lives. These are significant changes that we call trends. From what was trending last year to what will become a trendsetter in the coming year, we all look forward to incorporating those trends into our lives. With the digital ecosystem, as of now, massive Internet traffic is being consumed every second and increasing with each passing moment.

We change, raise and get ahead. The world is digital today, the reason why text to voice has evolved into video call. A few probable trendsetters of 2018 include;
·         Lives Videos
·         Social Media Influencer Marketing
·         Social Media Analytics
·         Enhanced Graphics
Live Video: Revenue from live streaming expected to go from billions to trillions by the time we celebrate 2021, which means people today are more inclined toward live videos. And approximately 90% of them want quality. If you're connected with digital marketing or do it for a company, then live videos have a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of approximately 18%, as per a recent Industry report.
Media Influencer Marketing: It is costlier but has a Return On Investment (ROI) 11 times more than of traditional digital marketing. It is expected to be the trendsetter in 2018 when approximately 71% of the people make their purchases based on social media referrals and, more importantly, approximately 94 % of marketers will tell you that influencer marketing has positive results.
Social Media Analytics: How do you feel when you see an irrelevant advertisement or a website suggestion which asks for a donation? Well, that's already being addressed by social media experts and approximately 74% of audiences who are frustrated to see content which is not meant for them. Analytics has become cutting-edge, and in 2018 the Internet will not control your mood anymore. Possibilities are that people will get personalized content as a result of changing trends in the coming years.
Enhanced Graphics: As per an ancient proverb, “A picture speaks a thousand words.” And it applies to the digital marketing ecosystem. Pictures are required to be perfect if you want to influence people digitally. It makes quite a difference as it retains approximately 65% of the information when it is served in the form of visual content. Additionally, visualized content is also expected to get a hike and dominate 2018 because approximately 74% of the marketers using it in social media marketing.



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