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HTML Design Trends

Web design can be dynamic, it changes and molds into different styles looking to conquer visitor’s hearts. The below mentioned trends are believed be the top trends for web design.

Better Lazy Loading
Lazy loading has been used for some time, and it is proven to reduce the websites load time. But there are techniques to make it even better.
With lazy loading techniques applied on your site, images will only load when they appear on your screen. This can be a problem for some users who do not scroll down to the bottom of the web page. Visitors will have to wait for a few seconds before the images are completely loaded.
This feature will allow the web page to load images right before they come into the viewport to make it seamless to the user experience.

Flat Designs
In the past, design was focused on displaying complicated pictures by filling sites with flashy animations. Flat design is just the opposite. Flat designs focus on simplicity by pointing the entire design to the user experience.
It is adopted by more and more designers and will continue with its minimalistic designs. Facebook, Google and other giants of the internet integrate and promote this concept.  iPhone and Android use it for everyday tasks. It’s aimed to be the next big thing related to  web design.

Better Understanding and Adoption of Mobile First
More and more people around the world are gaining access to mobiles devices. This means that the primary focus for website design will be in mobile devices and not so much in desktop machines. This means making the mobile website more beautiful than ever,  making it a sure win for fans on mobile devices.

Better and More Animations
Everyone has liked a good animation, and for a while it has been a tool to attract visitors attentions on the web. After the introduction of HMTL5 and its canvas animation things have changed . Now they can load without any external software installed on the user’s computers, and it is a safe way to introduce users to a different experience.
Animations are being used more widely. As designs move more towards the flat design patterns, animations will go side by side with it, and we envision them becoming smoother and better for the visitors while keeping the processing time fast.

Video As Backgrounds
Videos are being integrated into websites more and more every day. Your websites background has become a nice way to show off your companies and services pages. The trend of static images as background in websites is changing, and as the Internet is getting faster videos will also load faster, allowing a lot of things that were not possible before to become easy to use.

Better Frameworks
We all know about Bootstrap and other frameworks. As browsers update their engines, more and more CSS features will be added, making frameworks a tool to be used. Web Frameworks make things simple and easy. Standard code is used for making it easier for other teams to use it.


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