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Lead Generation Techniques That Will Bring the Best Results

“We’re running out of leads!” That’s a common issue faced by several organizations when it comes to raising sales. The real joy for a salesman is to get a concrete lead in hand. Lead generation has marked its presence in the business of sales since the time trade began. The era when merchants used to visit places to make contacts with potential buyers in order to expand their business. However, in the present corporate world, lead generation is considered a major business segment.

In simple terms, the lead generation process can be described as increasing the interest of buyer and generating inquiries from customers, in terms of name and contact details. These leads are then further analyzed and organized for their ability to get converted into sales.
Approximately 74% of marketers invest $50 and above in each lead generation whereas only 5% are seen to invest $1,000 and more. Thus, leads can be considered as a stand-off between quality and quantity. The end point is that your lead generation techniques should be enough in both quality as well as quantity so that it can be utilized for gaining customers and generating money.

As per HubSpot’s State of Inbound Report, lead generation is seen as one of the most difficult challenges faced by marketers. Due to this challenge, marketers are constantly searching for newer lead generation techniques. Unlike the primitive methods used by marketers to generate leads, the modern lead generation tools and methods are available on the internet, although the basic idea of validating expertise and developing relationships remain the same. However, marketers should always keep their focus on how they are using a lead generation channel rather than what channel they are using.
There are various opinions when it comes to choosing the best lead generation channel. As per HubSpot’s research on B2B lead sources, SEO is the most effective channel for lead generation. On the other hand the Chief Marketer’s data claims that E-mail marketing is a most suitable method.
Moreover, according to other surveys, content and social media are the best platforms for generating leads.

1) Email Marketing
2) Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
3) Lead Magnets
4) Website Optimization
5) Social Media Marketing
6) Content Marketing


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