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On-Page Optimization Techniques for Better Ranking

A lot of things have changed over the past years. Nowadays on-page SEO cannot be neglected if you want a better page ranking. In particular Content is King in a SEO optimized site.
One more thing which needs to be added is the video. You need to add videos to your webpage, and this makes your content rich and makes the user more engaged in the website.
Here are some major points which will help you to improve page ranking.
You should make your website responsive. As lot of people search more on their mobile devices there should be no broken links on your website pages, thus improving the user experience on the website.
You should try to make sure that the user that is coming to your website stays longer on your page. The user should not hit the back button early. As if user hits back button quickly then your page ranking will go down. This is achieved by ensuring professionalism in your web content.
You should create lively and vivid content for your website, which will attract more users and ensure that they stay longer on the page. Use proper heading titles which are appropriate to your website; it is the best practice to add keywords to your title. <H1> tag is the most important tag for headings. <H2> is used for side headings, <H3> for sub headings, and so on.
On a webpage, the websites URL is just as important as the content. A URL should not include any special characters. No spaces are allowed in the URL. Instead you can use hyphens. The best practice is to use hyphens to signify separation in words.
Older content is also very important. It is best to add keywords in your content as Google spiders read the content line by line in your webpage. According to new algorithms if there are keywords spread all over your content then your page ranking improves.
Meta tags and descriptions should be clearly defined as to what type of content is included in your website. It should include any and all the keywords that are the best for your page ranking. According to Google, they are not critically important but other search engines do read them.
Images are also extremely important in your website. They should have a proper title and alt tags defined. Google reads all the images, which ultimately helps in improving the ranking of your website


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