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How to Create a B2B Prioritized Sales List Using SEO

The B2B market of any industry is limited. And, as is the case in any other market, the Pareto principle applies. No matter whether you sell directly or through a partner channel, 20 percent of your top business customers or partners will account for 80 percent of your revenues.
You know your best customers well, and you know how your target group will shift as your business strategy moves in the future. But did you know there are companies that are very similar to the top 20 percent of your customers? You need to recognize those companies and get them on board to quicken your business.
Here’s a short look at how to build a prioritized list of the most promising B2B prospects that will be your next unicorns. 
Merging Organic Competitor Reports to Find Prospects
Digital marketers should use advanced SEO tools that also include so-called “organic competitor” reports. SEMrush, Spy Fu, Similar Sites and others offer this feature. A typical use of these reports is to add the URL of your own website, and then get a list of companies that compete against your business in Google’s organic search results.
But what if you used that tool to find the names of companies that your top partner/customers (your unicorns) are competing with?
Using the URL of one of your unicorns will give you back anywhere from 10 to 2,000 URLs of the companies they are competing with on search engine results pages. You should repeat that exercise for each of your unicorns. You will probably find that some of the competitor URLs come up again and again — and some will be repeated more often than others. You should then put the results in order based on frequency. 
Is the Process Replicable for Your Business? 
The process defined here is based on linking the proximity of search engine results with the proximity of actual businesses. Does it really work? The best person to answer this would be the vice president of sales at Kentico after looking at the list above. However, because the web is already the main source of information about products, I strongly believe it is always at least a contributor to B2B-purchasing decisions.
You might challenge the results by pointing out that the customers of CMS vendors are usually web design agencies that are, by their nature, strong in website presence and SEO.


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